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Mountain Biking ≥ Running?

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Dec. 30th, 2010 | 12:10 pm
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I’d like to do more mountain bike riding, but my non-conservative attitude means that I will inevitably stack it at some point. The last time I fell going downhill, smashing my knee against a rock. So I bled all over my shoes on the ride home. It was really embarrassing because like this eight year old boy over took me about 4 times. Which you think wouldn’t be possible on a 10km+ track, but he didn’t have the obstacle of being a borderline retard.

When you’re brought up running like I was, you have an unusually high threshold for pain. So I will do the whole:

“No I’m fine, I’m fine really. No seriously, look it’s fine. I’m good. It doesn’t hurt, it’s fine.”

But on the inside I’m like: “OH SWEET MOTHER OF FUCK, THE PAIN”.

This is exactly how it went when I was in Brisbane a few years ago at a comp and I tripped as soon as I crossed the line in the 4x100m relay. I scraped all the skin off my left shoulder, arm, and knee. But when everyone was trying to comfort me I brushed it off like I was Batman. So as soon as I got into the car and was alone with my dad, the stuff I said, you’d think I’d been shot in the anus. My wounds were weeping so much I actually had to wrap a tea towel over them because they were fucking dribbling out of the bandage. Suffice to say I slept most of the way and only woke up occasionally to make a snark comment about a fat person on the side of the road.

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